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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wakil ke Gopeng Peanut Search

1. What does it mean by “Bike Orienteering”?
Participants need to travel around the event area on mountain bikes using
maps as guidance. The aim is to visit as may checkpoints possible within 5
hour time limit. At each checkpoint, participants will stamp their individual
passport using the special orienteering punchers stationed there.
Participants will be issued (1) event map and (2) personal passport during the
morning of event.

2. What is the difference between “Bike Orienteering” and normal
bike events?
“Bike Orienteering” event areas are usually too large for all checkpoints to be
visited within time limit. As such, participants have the freedom to select for
themselves how many checkpoints to visit and their order. Therefore there is
no pre-determined course to be followed. Participants thus enjoy a variety of
riding levels based on route taken and also the opportunity to avoid
bottlenecks due to only 1 riding course for normal biking events.
As this concept is still new in Malaysia, the GPS event will outline
recommended biking tracks that participants can choose to follow to reach the
various checkpoints. Nevertheless, participants are allowed the freedom to
use other routes available to reach the checkpoints.

Event ke-2 radialmtb masuk...tapi kali ni dua orang je...sorang lagi cuti berpantang bersama isteri hehehe....kali ni tak tau la just nak tgk track je kot...kalau bleh pulun, lanyak je la...tapi ikut condition terkini rata2 lama xkayuh...petang2 hujan....erm aim try to finish on time je kot...Jumpa di Earth Camp nanti....

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